Does Design Thinking Actually Work?

  • The answer won’t be clear from the start and even though this is not comfortable it allows for unexpected solutions.
  • It is okay to fail — failure is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to learning.
  • Stop talking and start making — Design Thinking relies on the power of tangibility
  • Human Focus — the people you are looking to design for are ultimately your path to innovative solutions.
  • By learning and iterating, there is a greater chance of generating successful solutions.

Impact of Design Thinking

Design Thinking Success Stories

Success Story #1 — GE Healthcare

Success Story #2 — Bank of America

Success Story #3 — Starbucks

Success Story #4 — Kings Cross Sydney

Success Story #5 — Nike

  • Cultural — consider employee satisfaction, internal engagement and efficiency
  • Financial — consider sales and productivity
  • Product quality — consider customer satisfaction



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